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FVA adds roof to repair list

The roof of the Trader Building will be added to the repair list of Frontier Village, according to the Frontier Village Association Board meeting on Monday.

The FVA Board voted 6-0 with member Jay Diemert absent to add the building’s roof to its City Promotion Capital Construction Fund grant application. The Jamestown Tourism Grant and Executive Committee awards funds to organizations in two rounds of funding each year.

The request came from Tom Mueller, owner of the Dakota Belt & Moccasin store and as the merchant-tenant of the Trader Building. He reported that the roof of the building is in bad shape and is currently waiting on bids to determine the cost of the repairs.

In March 2016 Mueller advanced $10,000 of a two-year lease to raise a fallen corner of the building, replace decking and to build a wood foundation on gravel drainage to prevent further damage under the building.

The FVA Board approved revisions to merchant contracts that were made by the organization’s attorney. The changes clarify inventory, property and damage responsibilities between tenants and the FVA.

The FVA Board approved common area charges for the Kirkpatrick Art Gallery. The building in Frontier Village does not pay rent and is owned and operated by the Jamestown Fine Arts Association.

The FVA will charge the gallery a $100 monthly fee for common use areas and a $150 annual fee for support of marketing and greeter costs for Frontier Village.

The FVA Board approved the offer of Jay Elbert to take the Frontier Village stagecoach to his shop in Cleveland, N.D., to conduct welding and repair work to the undercarriage and wheels.

During discussion of the historic caboose repair project, Tina Busche, FVA secretary-treasurer, said she found it difficult to accept that Jamestown Tourism was making the capital construction grant to repair the caboose contingent on providing a historic display component. She said the Jamestown Tourism Talking Trail project’s digital recordings contain inaccuracies that are not identified as fact or legend.

The Chief Joseph story is inaccurate, she said. Chief Joseph was taken from Montana to Oklahoma, where he died, and was never in North Dakota, she said.

Searle Swedlund, executive director of Jamestown Tourism, was present at the meeting and said he would look into the matter, to include pulling the recording.

The next regular FVA meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m. May 14 in the Town Hall building of Frontier Village.