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Woman cycling around the US for peace

Brenda Mueller, left, and Lynn Salvo prepare to leave Jamestown on Monday, Aug. 26, as they continue on Salvo's effort to map a giant peace sign the size of the United States. The pair cycled to Carrington, N.D., on Monday and planned to reach the International Peace Garden in about five days. John M. Steiner / Forum News Service1 / 2
The red portion of the map indicates the current route of Salvo while the blue indicates the portion of the peace sign she will complete in 2021. Map courtesy Lynn Salvo.2 / 2

JAMESTOWN, N.D. — Jamestown became a stop on a multiyear effort to bicycle a giant peace sign across a map of the continental United States.

Lynn Salvo, 69, McClean, Va., stopped for the weekend in Jamestown while making the trip from Wichita, Kan., to the International Peace Garden. When drawn on a map, this portion of her travels will become the upper portion of the center of the peace sign in about five days, Salvo said.

"I lost a brother in Vietnam," she said, referring to her motivation for the effort. "So I'm trying to cycle a peace sign the size of America."

Her ride supports the American Friends Service Group. The Quaker organization promotes world peace through a number of activities.

She carries with her a graphic prepared by the United Nations that shows a large pie chart representing the world's spending on war and a much smaller chart showing spending for peaceful activities.

"Think what the world would be like if this were flipped," she said.

Salvo said she got the idea of creating the giant peace sign in 2017. At that time, she was already an accomplished long-distance cyclist having attained the record as the oldest female to cycle across America in 2016, according to the website of the Guinness Book of Records. She also holds the record as the oldest female to cycle across Canada.

She set the Canadian record in 2018 by covering 4,111 miles in 70 days.

Salvo and Brenda Mueller, her riding companion from Wichita, average about 50 miles per day and left Wichita on Aug. 10 on this trip.

"We made 102 miles the other day with a marvelous tailwind," Salvo said.

The extra miles that day allowed them to spend two days resting and sightseeing in Jamestown before departing Monday morning for Carrington. Her blog post for the day includes pictures from the National Buffalo Museum and other sites around Jamestown.

This year's ride finishes the center portion of the peace sign. The final segment of the peace sign, along the Pacific Coast, is not planned until 2021. That trip will start at the Peace Arch which straddles the international border between Washington and British Columbia.

"I'm going to attempt the world record next year as the oldest woman to bicycle across Europe," she said.

People can follow her travels at her blog