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March Mania

A man of many talents

Janisch (first from the left) with group members Jason Palmer, Paul Booth, Jim Hart and Clarence Penn from a recent outing. Palmer plays the trumpet, Booth the saxophone, Hart the vibraphone and Penn the drums. Palmer, Booth and Hart contributed to Janisch's CD and play with Janisch throughout the year. Penn was playing with the group for the first time.1 / 2
Janisch playing his bass guitar.2 / 2

Michael Janisch has resided in London for the last six years, a stark contrast to where he grew up in Ellsworth.

"Even though they speak the same language (well, almost, they have a lot of different words for most things!), it's a completely different world than Ellsworth, or even the East Coast where I lived before I came here for a number of years," Janisch said in an e-mail interview with the Herald.

Now, Janisch is "very happy" in London and has adjusted to life there, as he recently released his first CD titled "Purpose Built." The 1997 Ellsworth graduate also has hands full, as he's a music professor at a leading European university and also is in charge of "Michael Janisch Presents," a monthly event in London in which Janisch showcases area artists from around the world.

For more please read the Oct. 28 print version of the Herald.