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March Mania

Letter - May you have true joy and peace

To the editor:

"Joy to the world, the Lord has come." Jesus Christ, the son of God, the creator of all things, left heaven's glory to be born in a humble manger to a Jewish virgin. He grew up in a sinful world, lived a sinless life and died a criminal's death so we don't have to die for our own sins.

We are all under the curse of sin, which is death. Through Christ's death, we can be made free from this curse and be forgiven.

The next line of the song is: "Let Earth receive her king." Each one can repent of his sin and receive Jesus as his savior. He becomes a child of God and then has the promise of eternal life in Heaven.

May you have true joy and peace this Christmastime because Christ, the Prince of Peace, is in your heart and home.

Jackie Wilken

Miltona, MN