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March Mania

Anistyn May Baker

Anistyn May Baker

I WAS BORN: May 9, 2006, in St. Mary's Medical Center.

MY PARENTS ARE: Scott Baker of Cloquet and Carly Wilmot of Proctor.

MY GRANDPARENTS ARE: Jeff and Francie Wilmot of Proctor and Jim and Cindy Baker of Cloquet.

MY GREAT-GRANDPARENTS ARE: Tom Ward and Beryl Peyton of Duluth; Roger and Marcella Lennartson of Esko; and Earl and Sharon Baker of Cloquet.

MY PARENTS CHOSE THIS NAME BECAUSE: It is a nice, original name that nobody else has.

PARENTS' WISH OR ADVICE: Keep smiling, baby girl, and you will go far.

SOMETHING SPECIAL: You made us wait for you to come. When you finally did, it was perfect.