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Sister of Brooke Crews recounts first look at mugshot, "she looks like her soul is gone"

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(WDAY)—Family of one of Savanna's murder suspects says mental illness and an abusive upbringing may have contributed to this heinous crime.

We spoke with Dawn Dyer, one of Brooke Crews' older sisters who lives in North Carolina.

She said after reading about this crime online, she noticed a big change in who she remembers as her sibling.

"She just don't look the same, she looks, she looks like her soul is gone," said Dyer.

The video above is from Crews' court proceedings on Monday, but even with her change in appearance, Dyer says she never thought her sister would be capable of such a vicious act.

Dyer says she last saw Crews in 2007 and has only kept up with her a little bit on Facebook.

She described Crews in her younger years as "free and caring" even though she was abused and had a criminal father.

Dyer says through the years, they grew apart, but she wishes she would have been able to notice Crews' need for mental health help - to keep this from happening.

While Dyer is hurt by some of the terrible things being said about her sister she says she hopes to come to Fargo if the case goes to trial to support Savanna Greywind's family.

"We really, really are sorry for their loss and I don't wish it upon anyone, and maybe my sister, you know, is like mentally gone," said Dyer.

Dyer also said she knew Crews had three or four children, but just learned this week she had seven kids.