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DOT closes I-29 from Fargo to Grand Forks

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FARGO—A wind and snow mix has created hazardous travel conditions in Fargo and the surrounding area.

The DOT has just closed I-29 from Fargo to Grand Forks and no travel is advised in Northeast North Dakota and Northwest Minnesota, where conditions are much worse than they are in the southern Valley Wednesday night.

Fargo has been somewhat lucky during this storm, there hasn't been a whole lot of snow and high winds have been blocked for the most part.

Outside of Fargo without buildings to block the wind, it's blizzard conditions with very poor visibility.

On I-29 conditions have prompted the highway to close north of town.

There are stretches of road where visibility has been reduced within the city and slowed travel.

A little snow has also dusted city streets.

Crews were more than ready and have been preparing all day for any conditions.

Public works says the snow kicked up by winds could mean having to continue to plow the most important roads.

"After that we'd move into the residentials. It all depends on when the snow stops and the wind diminishes," said Corey Hoyum, Fargo Public Works.

Overnight travel is not a good idea, The Department of Transportation is advising no travel north of town.

It is expected to be easier going come Thursday morning.