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Curves features new owner, 24-hour access

Joy Summers, the new owner of Curves in Perham, describes the women's fitness center as having a comfortable atmosphere. Many women choose to use the facility to workout alongside their friends in a positive environment tailored to women.1 / 2
An exterior view of Perham's Curves fitness center.2 / 2

With her past experience ranging from managing an exotic game ranch to owning a local Tae Kwon Do school with her husband, Joy Summers has an impressive variety of management experience.

All of this will come in handy as she embarks on her next enterprise, owning the Curves fitness center in Perham.

At the end of September, Summers officially took over ownership of Curves. The business has been open in the city since 2002. Along with a change in management, Curves underwent a scheduling adjustment--and is now operating as a 24-hour fitness center for women.

Summers explains that the 24-7 availability is not common for Curves facilities. In fact, the Perham location is serving as a sort of trial site for the company, which will be looking at how the center fares with the around-the-clock access.

For Perham customers, the opportunity to workout at any time of the day is being received with great enthusiasm. "Even if you work at 6 in the morning, you can still get your workout in before work," says Summers.

Women who wish to use the exercise equipment during un-staffed hours are given an ID tag with a code number to get in to Curves. All they have to do to open the door is punch in their number.

One of the benefits Summers sees of having this type of access is that, quite simply, it gives people more time to workout. Some women who are a part of Curves are reimbursed by their insurance company if they meet a certain quota of hours at a health club each month. If they just can't fit in the time they need during conventional hours, they can come in before or after work and still get in the hours required.

Curves features exercise machines specifically geared toward women. Other aspects of the business are also tailored to meet more individualized needs that women may have. One unique strategy Curves utilizes is encouraging women to workout together. If an individual is working out alone, a Curves staff member will often join her to help make the exercise session more enjoyable.

Another feature at the Perham Curves center is an unsupervised kid's corner where parents can let their children play or watch movies. "The average mom is less likely to exercise if she has to drop her kids off somewhere for a half hour," explains Summers. With a spot for kids right in the same room as the exercise equipment, it's easy for a mom to keep track of her kids and still get in the workout she wants to.

Even the experience of coming to Curves to workout is made as pleasant as possible for women. "We always have daily trivia," says Summers. "There is also a handful of ways you can earn Curves cash."

"I want this to be a fun place," explains Summers. "I don't want people to come in and feel like it's a drag to exercise."

At Curves, the once a month weigh-ins and measurements are looked at as a positive experience. "We're very interested in whether or not you see results," Summers explains. If a diet and exercise plan is simply not working for someone, she says she's more than happy to sit down with that individual one-on-one and figure out what needs to be adjusted to meet that woman's goals.

Many women, from teenagers to senior citizens, are finding that the Curves workout center is right for their lifestyle. With both cardio and strength training available, and 24-hour access to the facility, a woman's workout can be tailored exactly to her needs.

Winter staffed hours at Curves are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.; Thursday, 3:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.; and Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

This month the following promotions will be available: Any former member who comes back during December pays no service fee. Any new member who signs up during December gets half off the service fee and pays no monthly payments until February.