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Student loan forgiveness applications now available for ND STEM workers

BISMARCK -- College graduates working in the science, technology, engineering and medical fields in North Dakota could receive student loan forgiveness.

According to a news release from the North Dakota University System, the NDUS and the Bank of North Dakota are offering the 2018 STEM Student Loan Forgiveness Program with applications open until May 31.

Qualified applicants must have completed a STEM-related degree through an approved university, maintained a grade point average of at least 2.5, make $60,000 or less annually, have been employed in the STEM field in North Dakota for one year after graduation and hold a qualifying federal, North Dakota DEAL or DEAL One loan that is “not in default.”

Approval of applications occurs based on legislative funding, with earlier applications given first priority.

The STEM Student Loan Forgiveness Program provides up to $6,000 of relief per person. Award recipients will be notified by July 31.

The application is available online at