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Buxton, N.D., residents cleaning up after storm tears through town

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BUXTON, ND  — A North Dakota storm left a neighborhood to clean up after the high winds.

Trees were down, and power was cut.

"It was just crazy fast wind,” said Buxton resident Teresa Mafnas.

Neighbors watched as a summer storm tore through town.

"We heard it was about 70, 75 miles per hour and looking out the windows because we're silly like that."

Teresa Mafnas even watched a tree fall just feet from her home.

"We saw just about 70 mile an hour winds and that's when we saw the tree come down in our front yard on our two vehicles."

On Wednesday, June 6, they were cleaning up the mess mother nature left behind.

"We have maybe a little bit of damage. Just maybe kind of cosmetic. Easy to fix. We did go ahead and call our insurance and just in case there is something that we're not seeing."

Around midnight -- a tree on the other side of her driveway fell into a power line.

Neighbors say electricity was cut to their homes during the storm.

And just a few blocks away, it was a similar story.

A handful of 80-year-old diseased Box Elder Trees in pieces on the street.

"This tree? Well these original trees. So I would say, I'm 75, so these are maybe 80. 80 years old plus,” said Buxton resident Arlen Vonesh.

But he's not sad to see them go.

"As you can see they're rotten in the middle and things of this nature. Eventually they would come down. So mother nature took care of it but we just have to clean up after it,” said Vanesh.

Home after home -- it's a similar story.

People picking up branches and other debris to haul away.

The Traill County Emergency Manager says there have been no reported injuries as a result of the storm.

"We feel very blessed. It could've been so much worse. You know the trees that came down they landed perfectly,” said Mafnas.

A town -- with a big clean up project.