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Noem focuses on business recruitment in preview of State of the State address

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem talks during an interview in her office at the Governor's Mansion in Pierre. (Matt Gade / Republic)

PIERRE, S.D. -- Gov. Kristi Noem provided a list of 10 reasons why out-of-state businesses should come to South Dakota in a preview of her State of the State address, which will be delivered Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Noem also emphasized her commitment to keeping taxes low, limiting government spending, fighting government intrusion and keeping government open and honest in a news release Monday, Jan. 13.

“With a year under our belt, I’m proud to stand before you and say we accomplished a lot in 2019, and we did it all without raising taxes and without spending more than we took in,” Noem said in the release.

Noem then addressed “all the business prospects we’ve been recruiting,” to make a case of why they should set up shop in South Dakota:

  • Our people -- their work ethic and values are second to none.
  • There’s no corporate income tax.
  • There’s no personal income tax.
  • There’s no personal property tax.
  • The taxes that we do have to fund state government are stable and predictable.
  • Government in South Dakota lives within its means. We balance our budget without accounting gimmicks and tricks.
  • We have a AAA credit rating and our state pension plan is fully funded.
  • We believe in smart regulation. We roll out the red carpet, not the red tape
  • Our part-time Legislature is a true citizen Legislature.
  • Our outdoor opportunities are second to none.

Noem said in the release that she wants her message to be crystal clear:

“South Dakota is OPEN for business.”

The State of the State is scheduled for noon Tuesday, Jan. 14, to a joint meeting of the Legislature.