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Our View: Joy to the World?

"Christmas! The very word brings joy to our hearts. No matter how we may dread the rush, the long Christmas lists for gifts and cards to be bought and given, when Christmas Day comes there is still the same warm feeling we had as children, the same warmth that enfolds our hearts and our homes."

Joan Winmill Brown

It seems odd to be celebrating the season of love, joy and peace at a time when the world is displaying anything but those important emotions.

All the nightmares swirling around our heads have nothing to do with sugar plums or Santa's coming. We are worried about our employment, our mortgages, our 401(k)s and our soldiers overseas.

In the midst of the mess, can we expect "joy to the world" this Christmas season?

The holiday's origin is found in the birth of a baby, who was wrapped in cloth and laid in a dirty feeding trough in a stinky barn. From that humble beginning, Jesus Christ came to the world to save the lost and guide all to eternal life in heaven.

There is no greater gift to celebrate than God's own Son coming to Earth to show His love to each individual.

As Dec. 25 approaches, don't let the negative news consume your every thought. Take a break from the constant distractions of our country's recession and ponder the real reason for this season.

Think about the warm moments with family and friends, and the giving of gifts (no matter the size or expense).

You'll find plenty of reasons to be thankful and joyful this Christmas.