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March Mania

Hauser: In the beginning, God created ...

Jon Hauser

"In the beginning God created ..."

These are the five words on the top of page one of the Bible. Do these five words matter to you? Do they make any difference in your life? Do they make you pause and consider anything of significance? They could. I read them last week and several important ideas came to mind.

Regardless of your belief about creation or God, these five words teach this powerful leadership principle: It always takes a leader to set things in motion. If something in your life needs to happen, needs to change, needs to improve, it will only happen if a leader moves into motion. Is there a relationship that needs to be repaired? It takes a leader to set things in motion. Is there a change at work or home that would trigger a positive step forward? It takes a leader to set things in motion. Is there a conversation that needs to take place? It takes a leader to set things in motion. Is there a better way to (fill in the blank)? It will only get better if a leader sets things into motion.

Dr. Henry Cloud in his outstanding book, “Boundaries for Leaders,” makes the statement that leaders are “ridiculously in charge.” Cloud is talking specifically about the culture of the family, team or organization a leader is leading. I think the principle has an even broader implication. A leader chooses not to settle, not to be a passive victim, but wisely moves into motion where change could be helpful. A leader sees and seizes opportunities to serve and help others. Nothing gets better, gets resolved, mysteriously improves until a leader moves into motion. I believe that. It is a principle of life. Whether or not you believe in God, that principle is modeled by God in the beginning. God created. It was a decision he made.

And because he chose to create, I am here. I am alive. I have value — inherent, built-in, undeniable value and worth. I am not a mistake. I am not an accident. In the beginning God created … me. A phenomenal, world-renowned, best-of- class creator intentionally — on purpose, with great energy and joy — created me. I am not broken or damaged goods. Do these statements make a difference in my life? Oh, my goodness, heaven yes. Every day. Why do so many people use the word hell instead of heaven? Sorry, another topic for another day.


It makes a world of difference when you believe that you are the result of an intentional act of a creative leader. You are a world-changer. Your identity is not found in or on this world. Your identity is not based on your looks, your income, the opinion of others, your success or failure. You are a created being. Does this make a difference in how I treat my spouse and kids? Yes. Does this make a difference in how I navigate work-life balance? Yes. Does this make a difference in how I respond to rejection, pain or grief? Yes. Does this make a difference when I struggle with fear, insecurity or addiction? Yes!

I believe you were created by God on purpose for a purpose. Do you believe?