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Editorial: Klobuchar, Housley are the right choices for Minnesota in the Senate

Minnesota voters finds themselves in the extraordinary position of selecting two U.S. senators in the Nov. 6 election. We heartily endorse two candidates, one very familiar to Minnesota voters and another who is a fresh face to statewide politics: Amy Klobuchar, the DFL candidate seeking her third term, and Karin Housley, a Republican who is running for the seat formerly held by Sen. Al Franken, who resigned last year amid sexual harassment allegations.

Both candidates will bring unique backgrounds and experiences with them to the U.S. Capitol to ably represent Minnesotans.

We'll start with Klobuchar, whose name on the ballot appears under the race Senate 1. She combines extraordinary ability and engagement with an approachable style to get things done in Washington. Importantly, she isn't afraid to work with colleagues across the political aisle to solve problems. Sadly, that's a rarity in today's hyper-partisan politics. She has been an important voice on many issues. Her support of common-sense gun control has earned her an "F" from the National Rifle Association, a badge of honor.

Some of Klobuchar's legislative accomplishments reflect her experience as a prosecutor, including co-sponsorship of a cyberbullying law to protect children and another law adding protections against online sexual predators who target children. Similarly, she has been a leading senator in legislation to halt human trafficking. Working in bipartisan manner, Klobuchar also has been effective in getting transportation funds for Minnesota, and has been recognized for her accomplishments in helping veterans receive prompt access to health care and to support businesses that invest at home.

It's no wonder that she's consistently one of the Senate's most popular members and is widely seen as one of its most effective. The first woman elected to represent Minnesota in the Senate, she deserves a third term.

Housley represents the St. Croix River Valley in the Minnesota Senate, where she serves as chairwoman of the Aging and Long-Term Care Committee and vice chair of the Commerce and Consumer Protection Committee. She began her varied career as a television news producer and has also worked as a radio host. She also has business experience, having established a successful real estate business. Her business background informs her work on the Jobs and Economic Growth Committee.

We're impressed by Housley's pragmatic approach to issues. She recognizes that a strong economy is crucial for Minnesota's success, supports free and fair trade and rejects a heavy-handed government role in health care. Her voice will complement Klobuchar's, and Minnesota voters should send her to the U.S. Senate.

Minnesota's 7th District Congressional race

Rep. Collin Peterson, the DFL incumbent, should remain in the job. His expertise and influence on agricultural policy is acknowledged by members of both parties and has served his constituents—and the entire farm belt—well. Peterson is a true centrist; his independent streak is both wide and deep. Nobody can credibly accuse him of being a puppet for Nancy Pelosi, or anyone else. Our one disappointment is his failure to articulate full-throated support for the Fargo-Moorhead flood diversion, crucial for his Moorhead constituents. But Peterson's views are overwhelmingly in sync with his constituents, who have kept electing him to represent them since 1990. They should do so again.

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