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Twins work on divvying up pitchers’ innings

Minnesota Twins starting pitcher Kyle Gibson (44) signs a jersey after the game against Chicago White Sox at Target Field in Minneapolis on Sept. 30, 2018. Brad Rempel / USA TODAY Sports

FORT MYERS, Fla. — With Grapefruit League games starting Saturday, Feb. 23, the Twins still are working on figuring out how to divvy up innings.

Manager Rocco Baldelli said he hadn’t talked to pitching coach Wes Johnson about the workload yet but the workload likely would vary depending on how built up pitchers currently are.

“We are going to get a lot of guys out there with this split squad first day situation. I think we are going to be OK,” Baldelli said. “Obviously, there are a lot of guys here who are all going to be looking to get out on the mound, and I want to see them all throw.”

Baldelli has spent a lot of his time in the early going watching as many bullpen sessions as he could.

Saturday, he’ll start to get see more of a full picture as games begin.

“It’s very helpful on my end to see them all throw in person,” he said. “You can get a pretty good idea watching video and reading about these guys, but until you’re getting out there and watching them throw the ball, watch them compete, you don’t really get the full picture, so that’s been important.”

Chase De Jong and Kohl Stewart are slated to start Saturday’s two split-squad games. One pitcher who won’t be throwing in a game just yet is Kyle Gibson.

Gibson, who was dealing with E. Coli for much of January, will have a slow ramp up and might not appear in a game for a week or so.

“He’s certainly improving, and he’s looking better and feeling well, but this is a situation that might not even have much to do with his arm,” Baldelli said. “It has more to do with just his general — without getting too deep into it — you don’t want to push a guy who has been drained and is worn down over the course of the offseason. It’s a pretty unique situation. He’s handled it very well. He looks good to me, as I look at him, but I have to rely also on our medical guys, and doing what’s best for Gibby.”

Sano to go 'light'

While Miguel Sano’s right foot is in a boot protecting a gash near his heel area, Baldelli said the Twins third baseman was cleared to do “light activity.”

He said he was planning on talking with strength and conditioning coordinator Ian Kadish and trainer Tony Leo to discuss what exactly that meant.

“As of now, it is going to be mostly upper-body activity, light activity, which is actually a positive thing because the alternative of no activity would be something we would prefer to stay away from,” Baldelli said. “This is actually a pretty good outcome for what we are dealing with.”

MaxBat visits Twins

Jim Anderson, the founder of MaxBat, a Minnesota-based baseball bat company, was in Fort Myers on Thursday with bats set up outside the Twins clubhouse to show players.

Anderson is visiting spring training sites around Florida with their bats while another representative from the five-person company, which is based in Brooten, Minn., is in Arizona.